Diablo Racing PRO8 Long Sleeve
Diablo Racing PRO8 Long Sleeve

Diablo Racing PRO8 Long Sleeve


The PRO8 is Velotec's fastest ever speed-suit, but what makes it even more special is that it also performs well in hot conditions. This is a major performance factor and one that is addressed in the PRO8.

The PRO8 keeps you cooler saving you from overheating which causes a serious drop in power.

Why the name PRO8? 8 is for the number of seconds that seperated Greg Lemond from Laurent Fignon at the 1989 Tour de France. There is no doubt that aerodynamics played a major role in that victory. Now let the PRO8 play a role in your next victory.

The PRO 8 has tested 7-16 watts faster than the already super performant Dynamic. The Dynamic is a great suit that has an exceptional palmares (Olympics medals, World titles and even an hour record plus lots of national titles)


  • Compression effect material on thighs to reduce drag and muscle fatigue
  • Lazor cut sleeves and thighs
  • Light weight and very light & breathable
  • Four-way stretch airflow technology fabric 
  • TT Performance  --Elastic Interface Technology® anatomical pad
  • Made in the EU
  • UCI legal